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Castro Chronicle Harbowl Hangover [Along The M]

It's the morning after the 49ers' first Super Bowl loss, and the Chronicle seller in Castro Station wrote up his own opinion on the results.

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Protests, occupation, and the end of the Giants' 2011 season. [Along The M]

* Along The M: Market and Drumm. About ten people aligned with occupySF.com protested near Embarcadero Station's entrance on this sweltering Indian Summer evening. The bullhorn's tinny caterwaul rebounded off of the concrete and stone. There were rumors of public … Continue reading

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Day game. [Bay Area Wanderer]

* Bay Area Wanderer: Third Street and King Street, San Francisco. When the T-car arrived in front of the stadium, the driver said through the intercom "Welcome to Gayyyy-Tee-and-Tee Park!" Currently 5-2 with the Pirates ahead of the Giants in … Continue reading

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Your 2010 Giants In The World Series Preview Podcast

I still can't believe that the Giants made it to the World Series this season. It's dreamlike. It's as though my video game's Franchise Mode file sprang to life and suddenly this unlikely squad has gleefully outperformed their way to … Continue reading

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"With the San Francisco Giants, it’s バイ バイ 赤ちゃん!"

Wow. Found by TenAndFive.com's James Hutchinson, this work of unspeakable geekiness is inexorably awesome. Clockwise from the top left, the players are: closing pitcher Brian Wilson, catcher Buster Posey, 1B/OF Aubrey Huff, Tim Lincecum, and Matt Cain. Good work, n8dawg … Continue reading

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