Review: Jonathan Richman with “There’s Something About Mary” at Lost Weekend Video

Last night, troubadour Jonathan Richman accompanied a showing of the movie “There’s Something About Mary” at Lost Weekend Video in The Mission.

The poster printed for the event. Only 70 were made.

Throughout the movie, Richman literally plays the role of Greek chorus. But on this evening, rather than merely re-playing the film's songs in front of the projection screen, the comfortably crotchety songwriter was a one-man Mystery Science Theater 3000, shouting out quips and even stopping the movie altogether to tell anecdotes from behind-the-scenes.

Avowed superfan-of-Jonathan Mielle Sullivan and I were there to cover the event for She wrote the words, I shot the photos and video.

From our article:

Seemed like a nice guy. Quirky? Yes. But genuine.

Jonathan Richman in print and Jonathan Richman in real life.

I’ve been to a lot of Jonathan Richman shows. I see him almost every time I get the chance. I see him yearly at The Great American Music Hall; I’ve seen him at several residencies at The Make-Out Room; and just last month, I saw him at the Swedish American Hall.

So, I was delighted to hear that he was going to be appearing, a few blocks from where I live in The Mission.

Read the whole piece here on Spinning Platters.

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