Hello, my name is Christopher Rogers. This is the M-Ocean View Journal.

I created this site to tell stories mostly about the parts of San Francisco that the Muni M-Ocean View streetcar passes through. The way to pronounce the name of this Muni route is along the lines of "em ocean view."

That's where I live. That's been my home since 1996. There'll be pieces related to the area, and pieces completely unrelated to those parts. Most of what I do will be about the SF Bay Area.

I'm inspired by local sites like SFist and Muni Diaries and The N-Judah Chronicles. There are a lot of stories in San Francisco, and we're going to delve into the ones that I come across.

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This "STATION IDENT" format is ala author Warren Ellis.

Welcome aboard. We're just getting underway.

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